Frequently Asked Questions

A: Datecs offers specialized technical support through the call center service, responding to any request related to the company's products: fiscal equipment such as cash registers or fiscal printers, peripheral equipment or payment devices. Contact details by going to:

A: To see which distributors are in the Danubius network, see

A: DatecsPay is a payment service for small and medium enterprises, available in Romania through Danubius Exim SRL, agent of DATECS PAYMENT TECHNOLOGY EAD. For enrollment and more information, visit       

A: Software solution partners are available on

A: To purchase, see the website

A: To download the necessary documentation and drivers, go to the page

A: Transmission and selection mode is automatic on the BC50, so test 13 does not work for this. BC50 automatically selects the available interface to communicate with ANAF, i.e. if Android has internet via Wi-Fi – send via Wi-Fi. If it has 4G internet, send via 4G.

A: Unable to connect to PC BC50 to work with utility. The only way it works in "fiscal printer" mode is through the Fiscal Net driver, over Wi-Fi. Everything needed for fiscal zone management is done from DudeForAndroid. For example, for your PLU import question the simplest steps would be:

  1. We add a PLU with all the data we want to manage. The file is similar to that of regular AMEFs
  2. We export to the PLU database - this procedure is preferable to avoid situations of separators, etc.
  3. It connects to the computer in File Transfer Mode and copies the model file, locally to the computer.
  4. I keep adding the PLUs and the CSV file is saved, removing PLU – 1. The import script automatically stops at the first "plu" where there are no changes.
  5. After I copy the CSV file back to the BC50, Items PLU, Clear Table (if we have any), Export, Import File.
  6. The data in the file will be displayed on the BC50. Select Write All and you are done.

A: The appropriate format is CSV. It is preferable to enter an article manually, then export it and have a starting CSV for future articles.

Helpful about forms:

Request for assignment of the order number from the Register of records of the electronic fiscal marking machines installed in the county/municipality of Bucharest or the unique identification number from the IT application of the National Tax Administration Agency - C801 (HG 479/2003; HG 804/2017 ).

Application for obtaining pass profiles of electronic fiscal marking machines in online operation

Form for the registration of electronic fiscal marking machines produced, imported or purchased intra-community and of electronic fiscal marking machines adapted to meet the provisions of art. 3 paragraph (2) of Emergency Ordinance no. 28/1999 regarding the obligation of economic operators to use electronic fiscal marking devices, republished, with subsequent amendments and additions and which obtained favorable technical approval - F4101 (OPANAF 4156/2017). The manufacturer, importer, Romanian legal entity that purchases from the member states of the European Union electronic fiscal marking machines, respectively the authorized distributor, registers information on each electronic fiscal marking machine produced, imported or purchased intra-community, without exception, by completing this form.


Form for registration of installed electronic fiscal marking machines – F4102 (OPANAF 4156/2017). By completing the form, the authorized distributor or accredited service unit, as the case may be, records information regarding the installation of the marking device.

Form for recording changes regarding the state/situation of fiscal electronic cash registers – F4103 (OPANAF 4156/2017). It is filled in whenever it is necessary for the authorized distributor to transmit information regarding changes in the state or situation of the electronic fiscal cash registers.

Notification – F4105 (OPANAF 4156/2017). By sending a notification, users inform the competent fiscal body of the occurrence of one of the following situations:

a) changing the place of use of the device between work points of the same economic operator;

b) theft/disappearance/destruction of the electronic fiscal marking device;

c) alienation of the device;

d) closing the workplace;

e) liquidation, dissolution, merger, division of the company or others, as the case may be;

f) cessation of activity;

g) similar others.

Declaration regarding unused fiscal electronic marking machines – F4109 (OMFP 627/2018). This form is included on this page for information only, and not for use, as it is completed electronically with the assistance program. It is completed by the users of the electronic fiscal marking machines in the situation where there are electronic fiscal marking machines that were not used for data generation, on any day of the reporting period. The declaration is sent by electronic means of remote transmission, at the latest on the 20th of the month following the reporting period in which the electronic fiscal marking machines were not used.

article 101, after paragraph (4) four new paragraphs are inserted, paragraphs (41)-(44), with the following content:

(41) Entities registered in the trade register, for which mentions regarding temporary inactivity are entered, do not have the obligation to submit tax returns for the period in which they are temporarily inactive, starting from the 1st of the month following the entry of the mention regarding temporary inactivity in the trade register .

(42) The other entities, other than those provided for in para. (41), do not have the obligation to submit fiscal declarations, for the period for which they requested the suspension of the activity to the bodies that authorized them, starting from the 1st of the month following the entry of the mention regarding the suspension of the activity in the register of taxpayers.

Application for validating the XML file created by the electronic fiscal marking machines, containing the register of Z reports and fiscal receipts for the current reporting period, provided in section II.12 of annex no. 2 at OPANAF no. 146/2018

Application for validating the XML files created by the electronic fiscal marking machines other than those used in the currency exchange activity or in the taximetry activity (including those used in airports), containing the tax receipts (section II.3) and the Z report (section II. 7) for a fiscal day, in accordance with annex no. 2 at OPANAF no. 146/2018

Affidavit by which the user declares that he uses the electronic fiscal marking device installed in areas not served by electronic communications networks, in accordance with OPANAF no. 435/2021