About us

Danubius Exim is one of the first companies that laid the foundations and consolidated the fiscal equipment market in Romania, having an active role in the foundation of fiscal legislation and in its correct implementation.

Its pioneering mission in informing, educating and digitizing the local fiscal field, has confirmed its leading position, but above all the trust of employees, partners and clients, in its 30 years of activity.

Why Danubius?

The brand is a pioneer of the category, through its innovative and strong character.

These traits are joined by values ca exigenţa, curajul, transparenţa, precum și capacitatea brandului de a educa partenerii în diferite arii de aplicabilitate fiscală.

EP 700 | Danubius
BlueCash 50 | Danubius


Bluepad 5000 | Danubius
WP 50 | Danubius
PP 9635 | Danubius
HR 1550 | Danubius

What we come to help with


Inventory solutions

A fair advantage and with much more of the practical advantages of the Infinea Tab and Linea Pro in the inventory process.


Courier solutions

Danubius Exim has adapted its portfolio to the current context and offers mobile solutions for courier companies, incorporating the most modern technologies.


Retail solutions

Restart the business with us! Introducing a revolutionary solution for retail and chain stores.


Transport solutions

We offer you a wide range of smart and modern solutions to ease the inventory process, benefiting from the practical advantages of Infinea Tab and Linea Pro.


Ticketing solutions

Now you have at your disposal a smart tool that allows you to validate tickets in one go, fast and trouble-free access to events, in safe conditions.